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About Us


Investors and traders are constantly inundated with information. This non-stop feed of data often leads to an overload of time-sensitive content without a clear direction to take. Leapday was founded to cut through the noise and provide a focused set of event-based signals for asset managers, traders, and hedge funds. Our continued focus is to combine proprietary data, market-tested expertise in behavioral responses, and best practices with machine learning methods to create trading signals that deliver verified results. We seek to be the leading financial research firm specializing in event-driven intelligence while delivering a first-class experience to our clients in our effort to help them make more informed investment decisions.


Alex Gillula


Alex Gillula is an event prediction specialist and expert in quantitative trading and investing. He is the co-founder of Leapday and the founder of Tocaya Capital Management, a quantitative investment firm specializing in event-driven investing. His quantitative expertise and market knowledge drive the development of Leapday's unique event-based signals.


Before founding Tocaya Capital Management, Alex was the global product manager for Markit's Transaction Cost Analysis business. At Markit, he managed a team of quantitative analysts and oversaw Transaction Cost Analysis research, development, client service, and sales. Prior to Markit, Alex was a senior quantitative analyst for Quantitative Services Group, where he developed novel transaction cost analysis metrics and worked closely with buy-side and sell-side trading desks to help traders reduce trading costs.


Alex graduated with Highest Honors from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Systems Science and Engineering and Finance with a minor in Mathematics.


Sina Foroohar


Sina Foroohar is a fin-tech entrepreneur specializing in quantitative research for financial markets. He is the co-founder of Leapday, founder of Ingo Labs (capital markets venture studio), co-founder of Forte Aegis (machine learning research signals for options strategies), and co-founder of Reality Research (data-driven intelligence for institutional real estate investors). He is also an advisor to multiple alternative data providers and platforms.


Sina began his career as a trader at the CBOT and CME, where he helped grow a 3 employee startup to over 50 traders. He went on to co-found a successful proprietary trading firm that specialized in interest rate derivatives. Sina has also served as a management consultant to one of the world's largest market-making firms. Outside of trading, Sina founded a digital asset-backed currency and patented platform for banking and collateralized lending of digital assets in 2011, many years ahead of trend.


Sina graduated with Honors in Economics from Northwestern University.

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